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Loan Disbursement List

100103--GULAB SINGH--168

100069--CHANDRA KIRAN--167

100101--Sanjay Negi--166

100164--YOGENDRA KUMAR--165

100062--CHANDRA MOHAN--164

     About us

About us

Since our corporation, we fixed our business aim to property, publication, finance and other related fields. Though, it sounds wondering but we believe in cooperation. Now great questions arising in your mind like: How do we work? Is it secure?... and obviously the answer is 'believe us'.

Time is the most precious thing and we value time, skills, and opinions of our family members. We bring unique concepts of doing business with absolutely zero risk. The masses of Dehradun, responded favorably to our endeavor, thanks to their faith and confidence in the functioning of the Perfect Growth Project.

We work smoothly like a well oiled machine and the objective of this initiative is to ensure welfare of our members. Perfect Growth has adapted new economic process to ensure financial growth.

Mission & Vision

The effective turnkeys allow us to achieve our mission and vision.

The mission of Perfect Growth Projects is to provide a comprehensive package of tension free earning through quality services in the field of land Development, Health care, Educations, Research and consultancy.

In order to stay competitive, we want to be responsive to the challenges of the market force. In this process, we would also emerge as the most economical organization. We provide great opportunities to a grab good return.



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