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Loan Disbursement List

100103--GULAB SINGH--168

100069--CHANDRA KIRAN--167

100101--Sanjay Negi--166

100164--YOGENDRA KUMAR--165

100062--CHANDRA MOHAN--164

     Dairy Project:

Dairy Project:

We expect that we will play a major role in the future of the dairy industry. Dairy products play an important role in the livelihood to millions of homes in the villages and town.

The project is completely based on cow & goat. Cow is probably the best source for dairy. With good fertility & health expert, we are successfully accomplishing the dairy project. In terms of dairy milk production cow is the best. The nutrition value of cow milk goes always on higher side than any goat milk. To keep up good quality we have taken decisions to run dairy project and its activity under the direction of good dairy technicians.

We ensure supply of quantity of milk and milk products to people of both urban and rural area. The international socio economic changes during the 21st century are throwing up challenging situation like food safety and quality. The challenge is that how to enhance milk output with resources in our hand. To sustain the milk production, there has to be a right mix of social, environmental and economic factors influencing the farmer.



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