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Loan Disbursement List

100103--GULAB SINGH--168

100069--CHANDRA KIRAN--167

100101--Sanjay Negi--166

100164--YOGENDRA KUMAR--165

100062--CHANDRA MOHAN--164

   Poplar Project:

Poplar Project:

Poplar is a very prominent taxonomical group of tree species in plantation forestry in India. It occurs in natural forests also. However, its population in natural stands is small and is gradually declining. It is a basic material for a number of industries like plywood, match-splints, pencil, sports goods and paper industries etc. With great importance, it has created a significant place in our life and our economy. Our company is planning to indulge more investment in Poplar plantation, which will ultimately bring huge turnover for the company.

The well managed supervision teams of our official are the key of our successful business management. The company holds its core values and makes certain sincere efforts to practice fair business norms. The utmost aim is to endure our customers' problem by comprehending their needs in the best manner.



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