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Loan Disbursement List

100103--GULAB SINGH--168

100069--CHANDRA KIRAN--167

100101--Sanjay Negi--166

100164--YOGENDRA KUMAR--165

100062--CHANDRA MOHAN--164

     Poultry Farming Project:

Poultry Farming Project:

We have started a poultry production house. We ensure that every chicken are healthy and look after by the technicians who are experienced in this field. The good news is that we can store more than 800 chickens in our Farm. Chickens are also used in traditional feastings and for the imbursement of social dues. There are many advantages of Chicken rearing; Chicken is a low cholesterol food and beneficial for people who prefer low-energy diet. Chickens are raised annually as a source of food, for both their meat and their eggs.

We are well rooted upon strong ethical business practices and are dedicated to only the highest standard of behavior in all areas. By improving and protecting environment, we have become a good corporate citizen.

We are integrated business associate and our business integrity lies in the roots of our business. With a business oriented result, every day we create a new benchmark. The main objective of financing poultry is to increase egg/meat production by meeting financial requirement of the proponents who are willing to undertake poultry as a subsidiary or main occupation.



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